Friday, August 17, 2012

Christmas Card Class 2012 - new changes

I have always loved my Christmas Card class that I do every year.  It has ALWAYS been such a fun time and I've made lots of friends. This year, I'm changing a few things.

First off... I'm doing it a bit earlier this year. I'd always done it in November... which I think just gets TOOOO crazy for most people to set aside several hours to play.  So I've moved it to September... it takes the Christmas Rush off and for those of you who do a family newsletter, that helps with the planning and scheduling of writing that.

I've always done 4 different designs.  I'm only doing 2 this year, so you'll make 10 of each design.  I sort of felt that sometimes doing SO many designs can be overwhelming for new stampers.  I think this will be a bit easier, plus you get a chance to "master" techniques that I will be using.

Another change... is that for the same price as I've always charged for the class ($25), I'm including a stamp set to take home.  What good is it to make such fun things if you can't go home and do it again? So with this years class, Everyone will receive a wood set of the Scentsational Seasons set, which we will be using in one of our card designs.  I'm doing the wood set instead of the clear because I want everyone to be able to use it right away... as much as I LOVE the clear sets, if you are new to stamping, you then have to buy the clear blocks and for newbies, I don't want for this hobby to be overwhelming. 

The last change that I'm doing... is basically because I've moved... Most of my customers are out of state. I MISS my girls so much.  And I would HATE HATE HATE for them to think I've forgotten them. I certainly haven't!  I know how much they looked forward to classes and clubs. SO I'm setting up kits to send to people who are out of state and therefore can't make it. (Don't get me wrong...I would LOVE to have visitors!!!) So kits will be $30 to cover shipping.  Everything will be pre-cut and ready to go. I would love if my old card club girls got together to play together, just like old times!! I would be there in spirit!!

So here is a picture of my flyer with all the details (minus the kit info, I forgot to add that! ooopsie!!) Click on the picture to enlarge.  I don't have pics of the cards we are doing... the ideas are in my head and I need to order my supplies still to put them together... but if you could see what's in my little head, you would be signing up and getting all your friends to come too!!

I do need prepayment for the class, so I don't order unnecessary supplies and so I can get a head count. So please contact me and prepay by SEPT 1.  Class is at my home on Sept 8 at 10am, until you finish.  Please no kids under 12 (and they must be signed up for the class)  My house is small, so there is limited space... if needed, I may add another time to do a second (or third, or fourth) class.