Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vendor Op

July 17 I have a GREAT opportunity to set up as a vendor at a weekend Scrapbooking Retreat. My friend, Jolee and her friend,  organize weekend retreats at local resorts.  They invite all their friends, get great deals on rooms and scrap till their hearts content!  I've, unfortunately never been able to attend for a few reasons, (scheduling, usually) but THIS year, I am going as a Stampin' Up! Vendor! I just found out about it - so I'm a little stressed out... timing and all.

So All day, Saturday, July 17, I get a 6 foot table and get to do what ever I wish with that space!  This will be the first time I've had this type of opportunity since I've only been a demo since Sept 09, and my brain is racing with what to do for 7 hours during that time --- how to promote my business, get more workshops, attract customers, make sales.  Any suggestions would be great!

In the mean time, I will be scoring idea websites and prepping and stamping till I just can't stay awake each day.  (or my kids get into everything!! - it is summer!!)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little Mia

My sister's best friend, Laurie, is in the hospital as we I write this giving birth to her first baby, a girl, they will name Mia.  So excited!  She and her husband, Chris, have been together for 10 years, got married 1 1/2 years ago.  This last little bit of her pregnancy has not been too fun, and she went to the hospital for some testing and the doctor admitted her with the plan to start inducing her this morning. They have since scheduled an induction this afternoon.  In my excitement waiting to hear all the fun details... I created this little card...   Welcome little Mia!!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 18

Friday, June 18 was my 34th birthday.  My card club was also scheduled for that night.  I had everything prepped and I was really excited to go spend the evening with "my girls". I always have SO much fun with them.  I swear my job as a Stampin Up Demonstrator does NOT feel like work!  It is fun!  Even before I became a "demo" I would scrapbook with people, and ended up teaching techniques and helping them with there projects - so this is a very natural step for me.  

I showed up to Celeste's house, got things set up, helped get the table pulled out, visited while others showed up.  We were already laughing pretty hard.  

So as I got up to go get started, they surprised me by saying that they were taking me out to dinner, that they would still place their orders, but I got the night off from "work" tonight!  My hubby was in on it. My sister, who is in the club, told me that Celeste was going to serve finger sandwiches instead of dessert (which has been what is normally served at our clubs... sweets). I was oblivious.  

Even a few people that aren't part of the club, but are friends, came, and I was still oblivious to what was going on.

I loved it, I love my card club, but I love the ladies that are in it.  There were a few that missed it because of traveling, or other commitments, and I missed them. 

It was a great Stampin' Up kinda Birthday!!

(and PS, My hubby and kids bought me the Big Shot for by Birthday!! YAY!!)

Card Samples

I made these first 2 to go together, the first is a card, and the second is a note card set.  

The next set of samples, I made the cupcake card one evening, and my oldest son (who is 8) wanted to help. So, he came up with his own card.  I liked what he came up with. He was very adamant about doing it all his own way, without help or guidance.  He done good. 

 This last one, I used some left over pieces and changed the stamps up to try out my new colors, card stock and hostess set preorders... (loved the Cajun Craze with this one!!)

ABC Preschool - Update

I recently finished my job with ABC Preschool in Tempe.  They were so fun to work with and I look forward to working with them again.  The entire staff were a pleasure to work with, but the kiddos stole my heart.  The first day, I worked with the school aged kids.  I learned some lessons that day pertaining to my choice in card style (a little too advanced - especially with the number of kids I had. I know better for next time - but they had GREAT cards for Father's Day - Tee Hee) One little boy was SO excited to make this card because he "had the bestest dad in the entire universe".  Another little boy - who struggled with writing, asked me to help him write in the card, and as he thought of things to say, his eyes lit up thinking about how much he loved his dad.  He have me a hug afterward. It was sweet.

The Second day, as I showed up, the kids I worked with before, were leaving on a field trip and half of them had to give me a hug first... (requiring me to set my awkward box of supplies down so I could give proper hugs!!) They were on their way to Home Depot to make Bug houses.  Very Fun.  I worked with the 4-5 year old kids. They were so sweet, and listened SO well.  They loved the little card and had fun making it. Some gave me hugs and thanked me for coming in and didn't want me to leave.  It was AWESOME!!

I really hope I can work with them again.  Now I get to put on my thinking cap to come up with ideas for them!! YAY!!

 Here are some samples of what we made!

This was the card the 4-5 year old kids did. They LOVED the kangaroo, and they loved that the heart popped up off of his hand!
This is the one we did for the older group.  Fun little pocket card.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Macaroni Kids Mesa

My good friend, Lachelle,  started her own in home business, called, Macaroni Kid Mesa. She has a website, and weekly newsletter. In it, she picks out great family centered activities around the area.  I've had the awesome opportunity to advertise on her blog and newsletters.  It has been a great opportunity for me.  I received a phone call from ABC Preschool and have been hired to work on some card making time for the kids there in time for Father's Day! I am SO excited, (a little overwhelmed). My brain is going a million miles a minute.  They are letting advertise there also, not just for the the 75 kids I will be working with over a few days, but with ALL of the students. So I will be super busy prepping for that, and for my monthly club!

So check out Macaroni Kids Mesa and subscribe to her newsletters (they are free!!) and you'll have some great fun (and some free, or super cheap) ideas of what to do come right to your inbox.

And if you aren't local, Macaroni Kids are a growing company, so you'd be able to find someone near you from browsing her site for more info.