Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 18

Friday, June 18 was my 34th birthday.  My card club was also scheduled for that night.  I had everything prepped and I was really excited to go spend the evening with "my girls". I always have SO much fun with them.  I swear my job as a Stampin Up Demonstrator does NOT feel like work!  It is fun!  Even before I became a "demo" I would scrapbook with people, and ended up teaching techniques and helping them with there projects - so this is a very natural step for me.  

I showed up to Celeste's house, got things set up, helped get the table pulled out, visited while others showed up.  We were already laughing pretty hard.  

So as I got up to go get started, they surprised me by saying that they were taking me out to dinner, that they would still place their orders, but I got the night off from "work" tonight!  My hubby was in on it. My sister, who is in the club, told me that Celeste was going to serve finger sandwiches instead of dessert (which has been what is normally served at our clubs... sweets). I was oblivious.  

Even a few people that aren't part of the club, but are friends, came, and I was still oblivious to what was going on.

I loved it, I love my card club, but I love the ladies that are in it.  There were a few that missed it because of traveling, or other commitments, and I missed them. 

It was a great Stampin' Up kinda Birthday!!

(and PS, My hubby and kids bought me the Big Shot for by Birthday!! YAY!!)


  1. That is so fun!! What a great group you have. I'm having fun catching up on these things through your blog. :)

  2. how fun is that. Don't ya just love your customers. They are so much more friends than anything