Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ABC Preschool - Update

I recently finished my job with ABC Preschool in Tempe.  They were so fun to work with and I look forward to working with them again.  The entire staff were a pleasure to work with, but the kiddos stole my heart.  The first day, I worked with the school aged kids.  I learned some lessons that day pertaining to my choice in card style (a little too advanced - especially with the number of kids I had. I know better for next time - but they had GREAT cards for Father's Day - Tee Hee) One little boy was SO excited to make this card because he "had the bestest dad in the entire universe".  Another little boy - who struggled with writing, asked me to help him write in the card, and as he thought of things to say, his eyes lit up thinking about how much he loved his dad.  He have me a hug afterward. It was sweet.

The Second day, as I showed up, the kids I worked with before, were leaving on a field trip and half of them had to give me a hug first... (requiring me to set my awkward box of supplies down so I could give proper hugs!!) They were on their way to Home Depot to make Bug houses.  Very Fun.  I worked with the 4-5 year old kids. They were so sweet, and listened SO well.  They loved the little card and had fun making it. Some gave me hugs and thanked me for coming in and didn't want me to leave.  It was AWESOME!!

I really hope I can work with them again.  Now I get to put on my thinking cap to come up with ideas for them!! YAY!!

 Here are some samples of what we made!

This was the card the 4-5 year old kids did. They LOVED the kangaroo, and they loved that the heart popped up off of his hand!
This is the one we did for the older group.  Fun little pocket card.

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  1. These are so great! I am loving this whole thing -- how fun. :)