Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Next Card Club

So My Next card club is THIS FRIDAY! I've had a couple ideas in my head for a bit... but then WHAMO - I came down with STREP (they thought maybe mono too, but NO, YAY!!).  So here it is, TUESDAY, I'm scrambling to get my oldest son's final book report done... let me rephrase... I'm trying to get my son to finish his final book report finished this week and I need to get a move on for Card Club.  My ideas are pretty fun... A little gift baggy idea, trying to sort out a couple ideas I've had for a Father's Day Card (as much as I am surrounded by testosterone in my life, masculine cards are hard for me) and my 3rd idea I'm STUMPED on... gotta go play in my Stampin Room...  My 8 years olds book report will get done, RIGHT?

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